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There is nothing more sacred than creating new life. Yet women often experience their fertility and journey to becoming pregnant as stressful, frustrating, full of pressure, judgement, heartache and stress.

Lauren Hanna invites you to transform your journey from a place of contraction (fear) to a place of expansion (love).

Blending modern science and research, ancient yoga wisdom and her own personal experience, Lauren will lead you on the path of Sacred Fertility Yoga. 

Lauren knows this journey because she lived it – and became a mother at the age of 46. It is her heartfelt desire to share the wisdom she gained and walk with you in full support and nurturing guidance as you navigate your own path to Sacred Fertility.



The word Yoga itself means union. What could be more fitting for the journey that brings together the promise of new life in our bodies and a new little person to this world? It is the ultimate union of the energies that create and inform not only our individual lives, but the world as a whole.

Yoga provides all the tenants of health, balance, and awareness to not only enrich the path to pregnancy, but build a foundation to support you through motherhood and beyond.

Yoga takes us deep inside ourselves, where we will be nurturing new life. With our breath, our body, our faith, our intentions and our power, the yoga way of life is the ideal foundation for fostering fertility. 


Based on decades of studying and living yoga, Lauren has created a 7-step coaching program that breaks down the various elements and brings them together in a cohesive, life-affirming practice. SFY has created offerings tailored for individuals and groups. Check them out HERE!

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Learn more about the Seven Steps.


about Lauren

Lauren has been preparing to offer this teaching her whole life. 

With a Master’s degree, and years of clinical practice in social work, which ultimately manifested in a career as a studio owner, international teacher and leader in the Yoga community, Sacred Fertility Yoga is a union of Lauren’s academic, personal and spiritual experiences. 

A student of Yoga for over 30 years and a teacher for over 20 years. Lauren studied the ancient systems of Yoga and Ayurveda with many of the greatest living masters worldwide.  In 2001 she founded Sonic Yoga, a thriving Yoga studio and teacher training center in New York City.

An avid surfer, organic gardener, and sunset lover, Lauren lives in the seaside village of Montauk, Long Island, NY with her life partner, Michael, her daughter, Jaya Lynn and her rescue dog Shakti.