Testimonials & press

I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am to you for the wonderful work you've done with the Sacred Fertility Teleconference, and how much it, along with the the private sessions, helped me through this last hurdle of IVF/FET emotionally, physically, and spiritually.  It was incredibly grounding and at the same time uplifting, exciting and calming, and so informative in ways to create a most fertile condition.  Today, the nausea has dissipated enough to be able to take time to share with you that, after two years of trying with IVF, there is a confirmed  heartbeat! Eternally grateful. – Nani

My husband and I tried for several months to get pregnant naturally and, when we finally did, it resulted in a miscarriage. We were devastated and decided to take some time off from trying. When we were finally ready again, I took Lauren’s magical goddess workshop and got pregnant that month (with no real planning). We now have an amazing 9 month old son named Jack. – Nicole

I want you to know that you personally had a huge effect on me. It was your depth and spirituality that led me into this divine path I’m currently flowing within and loving. Thank you so much for sharing your soul and wisdom with me. I’m forever inspired (in spirit). – Rebecca

You have an uncanny ability to keep us engaged through your breadth of knowledge and powerful presence. I was completely taken by how REAL you are!! You’ve got an amazing spirit.  And 50?!?! Wow! – Vanessa

Monday nights with you changed my life completely. I think offering it in this setting may appeal to people who are intimidated at first by the practice of yoga. I wanted to express of how wonderful you are and how much these phone calls changed my perspective of the world around me, my gratitude for that and for you for being a wonderful, strong, and guiding light.  Sara

You are such an incredible inspiration. Such a beautiful light. Such a power house, running Sonic with love & such deep responsibility. Nurturing your own beautiful family. You are truly a woman in the true sense. A Goddess. I wish you love & blessings this season & through every season of your life. How blessed is Jaya to have you to call mother.  Tania