The Seven Steps of Sacred Fertility Yoga

Each module of the program covers a different step with education, practice and practical tips. The steps build upon one another and to help you shift fully into your most receptive state of being. They can also you carry far beyond fertility, enriching your experience of yourself and your life.

1 Cleanse.jpg


In the Yoga tradition, we believe the body is the temple that houses the divine spirit. Unfortunately, we live in a time when our food and our environment is loaded with toxins. Those toxins are not what we want in our bodies, and they are not what we want affecting our unborn child.

In step one, we cleanse our temple, focusing on both our own body and the environment we live in. We include easy to follow guidelines that can get you going and keep you clean.

2 Energize.jpg


Exercising, such as practicing Yoga, has been proven to balance hormones and optimize fertility. The key is to exercise enough, but not too much.  The idea is to create a shift that improves or increases your mental and physical energy. 

In the Yoga tradition, we believe that energy or nature is constantly moving.  The Sacred Fertility Yoga program is a practice of energizing that uses the four phases of our menstrual cycle to put you in sync with your internal hormonal shifts and awaken our most fertile bodies. 

3 Center.jpg


Lauren’s training as a psychoanalytic psycho- therapist brings deep insight to the connections between our emotions and the mind and body.  In the Sacred Fertility Yoga program, this is applied to how our emotional state effects both our physical and mental health. 

In the ancient system of Ayurveda, the chakras are the energetic wheels or vortexes that hold our psycho-emotional energy. Using the Chakra system as our guide we will delve into self-inquiry and exploration and open ourselves to greater emotional balance.  

4 Balance.jpg

Step Four: Balance

Stress has been proven to be one of the major blocks to fertility.  This step is about finding balance to that stress.  One of the key techniques to finding balance is Yogic breathing, or Pranayama.  Science confirms the power of breath in relieving stress, and balancing our nervous system.  And it further confirms that less stress = better chances for conceiving.  

We will learn to connect to our breath in new ways, and explore other balancing techniques.  These practices will put us in a state of balance and make it easy to get back there when life pulls us off kilter.

5 Connect.jpg

Step 5: Connect

No doubt your path to fertility has led you to seek counsel from many; doctors, healers, family, friends, books, psychics, alternative medicine practitioners, it goes on and on.  This step brings us into connection with the most important voice of all, your inner wisdom.  

In the Yoga tradition, intuition is a skill that is developed by learning to quiet the mind through meditation.  When the mind is quiet you can connect to that place where fertility happens – the receptive, open place inside of you.  We will learn and practice meditation in a deep and powerful way based on ancient traditions and modern science.

6 Awaken.jpg
7 Surrender.jpg

Step 6: Awaken

Faith is the most powerful practice one can awaken to. It will provide you with the strength that you need to keep going, but it will also teach you to love yourself, love others, to celebrate life and reveal the experience of inner bliss and joy. 

In this step, we will explore the concept of Faith and how we can use it to awaken our fertility. We will also look at ways to celebrate ourselves and our accomplishments and tap in to life affirming practices like gratitude and kindness.


The most difficult part of the fertility journey for most women is riding the waves of disappointment on the emotional roller coaster. Each month that conception does not happen can bring deep feelings of loss.  So much time, energy, hope and money is invested into the process.

The Yoga tradition teaches us that in the end we can’t go backwards. We can only go forward.  The wisdom of Yoga tells us that the constant movement through these cycles is beyond our control and helps us to accept this great knowing and learn to surrender.  We will learn practices to move through loss and grief, as well as practices for self-love, loving others and gratitude as a method to attract the soul of our baby.  


The Seven Steps were developed through decades of study, in-depth research and the positive experiences of Lauren and women like you who seek to transform their fertility journey.