Seven Steps to Boost Your Fertility: free Live WEbinar! 

Every few months I offer a free Webinar, accessible anywhere in the world, where I will share my story and teach you some simple yet powerful Yoga techniques to boost fertility.

Seven Steps to sacred fertility

mentorship Program  

Lauren guides you through the Sacred Fertility Program in a web-based live experience, enriching and supporting your individual journey. 

This version consists of six weekly, one hour, dial-in sessions covering a full breadth of topics, practices, guidance and support.

Here you will learn the fundamental principles of Yoga and how they can support you through the fertility process.  You will learn and practice Yogic techniques to strengthen and nourish the body, and clear and calm the mind, creating a more fertile way of being.

By learning how to incorporate life enhancing Yogic tools, including meditation, visualization, and intention to connect to the source – you will find yourself more able to let go and surrender into an open receptive state.

Each session is recorded and downloadable so, if you miss the call in, you can easily listen at your leisure.

After each weekly call, practice assignments are given from the Sacred Fertility Workbook.  The workbook is included in this program.

Women who are single or partnered, women who are taking fertility treatments or not, and women of all ages - are welcome.


Next FREE webinar:

Monday, February 25

11:00 AM PST / 2:00 PM EST






7 Steps Spring Session

Begins March 2019

One on One Guidance Sessions

For a personally tailored experience, Lauren will guide you through the Sacred Fertility Program one-on-one, providing support throughout.

Lauren is available by appointment for private sessions at her New York City office, Mandala Yoga in the Hamptons, by Skype or by phone.

After an initial intake + consultation, Lauren requests that all clients commit to a series of 6 sessions to truly get the full benefit.  

LIVE WORKSHOPS and meditations:

Chakra Meditation to Liberate Your Soul - Wednesday, February 27th @ 8pm - Virtual

Join Lauren for a transformational online collective meditation call. Together we will explore the Liberating current of the Seven Chakras and meditate to free our soul and expand our mind. Lauren will guide us on an upward journey through the chakras to awaken the highest self. We will travel into the ether open and expanded to merge with all that is, becoming one with infinite love and bliss.

Awakening to Shakti - Saturday, April 6th @ 9am - NYC

Join Lauren for a practice designed to connect us to the subtle current of inner awakening leading to outer expansion and freedom. Guided by the wisdom of this inner intuitive place, we will awaken the presence of the Goddess. Together we will journey to a deep internal place through the practice of pranayama, mantra, mudra and meditation. Moving into a serene trance like state, we will open to a radiant inner expansion of creative movement and surrender to a peak experience of deep heart opening. Inspired by the teachings of Sally Kempton.

Dancing with Shiva - Sunday, April 7th @ 9am - NYC

Join Lauren for a practice designed to connect us to the powerful current of dissolution leading to radiant renewal and freedom. Ignited by the magnificent healing force of Shiva we will release the shadow self and open to the inner temple, awakening the treasures within. Together we will travel to a deep internal place through the practice of pranayama, mantra, mudra and meditation. Moving into an ecstatic trance like state we will open to the a brilliant outer expansion of creative movement and feel the alchemical shift into a peak state of twisting and transformation. Inspired by the teachings of Sally Kempton.

Speaking Engagements

Lauren loves to share her experience and knowledge with all women on the path to motherhood. She is available for speaking engagements and can create a format from one hour lectures to one week retreats.