transform your fertility journey

Whether you’re just beginning to think about having a baby, or have been valiantly on a fertility journey for some time, Sacred Fertility Yoga is for you. The lessons and practices will boost your fertility and enrich your experience getting and being pregnant.

My name is Lauren Hanna, I had my baby Jaya in my mid forties after trying EVERYTHING to conceive. Since having my dream baby, it has been my passion to help women get pregnant naturally. I created Sacred Fertility Yoga to bring the 7 Steps to Sacred Fertility to any woman who wants to have a baby combined with coaching to support your transformation. The Steps come from a blend of ancient yoga wisdom, modern science, my background in psychotherapy, and my experiences from my own fertility journey.

For the next 2 weeks I am offering 25% off the cost of the offerings below. Now is the time to take the plunge to a conscious, radiant, and holistic approach to fertility and conception.


Click on the photo to Meet Lauren Hanna, creator of Sacred Fertility Yoga:

“The first step toward conscious conception, is learning to love and take care of yourself. I will be here to inspire and guide you there. Once you find that balance, your awareness expands and you will be poised to connect with the soul of your baby! You will no longer feel afraid, or anxious, worried, or stressed. You will be in your highest vibration, and there, your baby will find you.”

7 steps to sacred fertility


In this program, I will share my steps and secrets to increase your fertility. I'll provide you with educational videos and resources, lifestyle tips and tricks to boost wellness and decrease stress to aid in increasing your chances to get pregnant, ALL while providing you with the understanding and compassionate support you need during this process of transformation. The only prerequisite is a strong commitment and an open mind and heart.


SFY Offerings


Virtual support program


The Virtual Support offering is a self-study program that provides women with the content, tools, and best practices for conceiving naturally. You can go at your own pace as the program is delivered as an online course, and as you progress through the material and modules, new modules are released. You can go at your own pace once the program begins.

  • 8 SFY Program Modules

  • SFY Ebook

  • 6 Yoga videos for each phase of your cycle

  • 8 weekly guided meditations

  • 6 Resource Lists to support your journey

  • Membership to a private Facebook group, moderated by SFY staff.


LIVE GROUP coaching program


The Live Group offering provides women with a strong foundation and a tailored experience for conscious conception. You will have direct access to Lauren during Live Group coaching calls and she will work with your specific areas of concern. Currently delivered as an 8-week online course with live group coaching.

  • 8 SFY Program Modules

  • SFY Ebook

  • 8 weekly guided meditations

  • 6 Yoga Videos for each phase of your cycle

  • 6 Resource Lists to support your journey

  • 8 Weekly Home Practice Assignments

  • 6 Live Group Coaching Sessions with Lauren

  • Membership to a private fertility Q&A group moderated by Lauren