Carpe Diem

I’m writing to you all from the land of my ancestors Bella Italia.

One of the things that I’ve learned from these spicy, loving, loud, beautiful people, is to say Yes!

Carpe Diem, seize the moment is a strong current that underlies the Italian culture. They are known for their spontaneity and their ability to fully live in the present! While here in Italy this quality is contagious! I’m so aware of the sacred in each moment, how short our life time truly is and am realizing it is often now or never!

I jumped off some cliffs, swam through wild caves with magnificent blue water, rode on a crazy banana, ate things I’ve never eaten before but importantly I said yes to connecting with strangers, making new friends, sharing my heart and opening to the beauty unfolding around me in each moment!


As we struggle on our fertility journeys, saying Yes to life can be completely empowering. When we are waiting for our beautiful babies to arrive sometimes, we get stuck in the future. May I remind you to say Yes to Now and to be present and enjoy the journey.

I encourage you all today to say yes to something you haven’t before. Perhaps there is fear or inhibition holding you back ... break through, dive in, enjoy each moment, be present and live this beautiful life you’ve been given.  And trust that the babies are coming.

Till we meet again
Con amore
With love,

Lauren HannaComment