Malasana, also known as garland pose, is a juicy and soothing pose for women. It stretches the ankles and lower back while opening up the groin and hips.

For women who are trying to have a baby, malasana prepares the body for birth by eliminating toxins in the digestive and reproductive organs.

How to do Malasana:

  1. While standing, bring your feet to the outer edges of your mat. Make sure that your toes are facing out and heels are slightly inward.

  2. Gently squat down, allowing the tailbone to drop towards the floor. Press the back of your arms into your inner thighs to help open up your hips.

  3. With every inhale, find length in your spine. With every exhale, allow your hips to relax even deeper into the pose. Try to eliminate any tension in the thighs or groin to avoid stress on the lower back.

  4. You can get out of the pose by slowly bringing your hips up and turning your heels outward so that your toes face in.

  5. With knees slightly bent, start to dip the torso over the legs into a forward fold. Breath into and enjoy this juicy fold and let the tailbone reach toward the sky.

If you have lower back or knee injury, you can place blocks underneath your groin during Malasana for support.

Lauren HannaComment