Fennel & Apple Salad

I fell in love with this salad recipe from The Spruce Eats. Apples shine in this healthy recipe that is also refreshing and bright, a lovely naturally gluten-free snack for the summer season. The honey yogurt dressing also adds a familiar sweetness.

Fennel is also a great food to help aid with conception. It is packed with fertility friendly plant estrogens.

Cortland apples are recommended, but Gala apples are a great substitution. Any apple will do the job and offer its own unique, crisp flavor.


-2 large apples of your liking, ends trimmed, halved, then sliced into matchsticks

-1 bulb fennel, ends trimmed, halved, cored, then sliced into matchsticks

-1/4 cup non-fat Greek yogurt (if you are vegan, almond yogurt is a great substitution)

-1/2 tbsp honey

-2 tbsp chopped pecans (or walnuts)

Optional Tasty Additions:

-Fresh Lemon Juice

-Extra Virgin Olive Oil

How to Make:

-Wash apples and trim off both ends. Slice in half and run each apple smooth side down along a mandoline to slice into matchsticks. The seeds will fall out in the process. Alternatively, you can slice into matchsticks with a sharp knife or julienne peeler.

-Trim both ends of the fennel bulb and discard. Slice in half and remove the tough inner core, which looks like a white triangle starting from the base and extending up to the center of the bulb. Run each fennel half smooth side down on a mandoline to thinly slice (it's okay if they don't come out equal size like the apples). You can also thinly slice with a sharp knife or julienne peeler. 

-Combine the apple and fennel slices together in a medium-size mixing bowl along with half the chopped pecans.

-In a small separate bowl, whisk the Greek yogurt and honey together. Pour over the apple and fennel and toss to coat.

-Garnish with remaining pecans and serve immediately. Or, cover and chill, garnishing with pecans prior to serving.

Serve and enjoy!

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