Hasta Mudra

Hasta Mudra is a Yogic hand gesture where the palms are facing up and the thumbs are ticked slightly inward.

This is a gesture for receptivity. Imagine being handed something sacred. This mudra can be practiced in a seated meditation or standing postures such as Tadasana (mountain pose) and Utkatasana (chair pose).

Hasta mudra creates warmth and energy in the body. It opens the masculine and feminine channels of the body and can allow space for new manifestations. If you are hoping to conceive, you can use this mudra to release blocks in the chakras and body that may be causing infertility.

Try this: Sit in a comfortable seat. I recommend sitting in easy pose, Virasana or upright with your sit bones on your heels. Close your eyes and lay your hands on your knees, with the palms facing up to the ether. Breathe into yourself, watching the inhales and exhales flow through your central channel (the spine). Imagine images or thoughts of happiness, new beginnings, positive goals and love. Practicing this mudra regularly will open your lower chakras to a higher vibration and new opportunities will come to you!

Lauren HannaComment