Yoni Mudra

Through yogic postures and mudras, you can balance the functioning of the reproductive system while also cleansing your body and calming your mind.

One specific and powerful mudra, the yoni mudra, will help open your blocked energy while bringing energy to the pelvic area. Yoni literally translates to “the womb”, representing the female reproductive system for fertility.

Additionally, this mudra is great for calming the nervous system. It detaches you from the outside world, easing the mind and allows space for emotional peace and clarity.

How to practice:

-In a meditative seat or in vajrasana, close the eyes and bring the awareness inward. Focus on the direction and length of your inhales and exhales.

-Place the palms on the pelvic region. Start to send the breath in this area, which will help release any tension in the reproductive system and create space for new, healing energy in the pelvis.

-Bring the hands to yoni mudra by bringing the tips of the thumbs and pointer fingers together, palms facing down. Keep the rest of the fingers bent inward. The space between the thumbs and pointers will reflect an equilateral triangle.

-Continue feeling grounded in your seat and breathing in the pelvic region while holding this mudra close or on to the body. You can stay here for 5-10 minutes and come out by placing the hands in prayer and bringing the prayer to the heart.

-Close out your meditation by chanting om or bringing the prayer to the forehead and bowing down over the legs.

Note any changes in the mind or body. I love keeping a journal next to me to keep track of any realizations or effects that I notice afterwards.

Lauren HannaComment