Viparita Karani

Viparita Karani is one of my favorite poses for fertility because it enhances the chances of conception when performed after intercourse.


An article via Do You Yoga states that “this asana will help keep the sperm close to the uterus, opening and thus increasing its chances of reaching the matured egg for fertilization”

Additionally, this posture is super easy and often used in restorative and Iyengar yoga classes. It calms the nervous system by reversing the flow of blood and energy in the body. It sharpens the center within the thyroid gland, alleviates anxiety and arthritis and aids in digestion.

How to practice:

-Grab a blanket and block and find an open space on the wall.

-Place the blanket underneath the shoulder blades and start to shimmy the sit bones towards the wall. You can do this by laying sideways next to the wall and bring the legs up vertically, or bend the knees towards the chest and move the hips as close to the wall as possible and then bring the legs up. If you want to elevate the hips even higher, place your block underneath the sit bones.

-When the legs are fully straight against the wall and ankles stacked over the hips, gently flex the feet towards the face and lay the arms in a T shape, or bend the elbows with the palms facing up.

-As you rest in this posture, close the eyes and focus on sending the breath to the pelvis. Enjoy the sensation of the blood flowing from the feet into the sit bones. You can be here for up to 5 minutes.

-To come out of the pose, bend the knees and bring the soles of the feet together so that the knees splay out like butterfly wings. You can rest here for a moment for a gentle hip opener.

For more info on Viparita Karani and it’s benefits visit Gaia

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