Sa Ta Na Ma

This ancient Kundalini Kieran Kriya (mantra) is said to help reorient the mind and prepare us for transformation. Using the meditation is also believed to bring profound physical, mental and spiritual benefits. 

Each syllable in the mantra represents a different stage in the cycle of existence:

            -Sa- Birth

            -Na- Life

            -Ta- Death

            -Ma- Rebirth

If something is not working out physically, financially, emotionally in your life, just make a routine to chant this mantra. Even just being around the vibrations of sounds where this mantra is being chanted you will feel the effects. This Mantra is very helpful in reducing stress levels, improves memory power and rids the mind of negative thought patterns and behaviors.

You can chant this mantra out loud, whisper it, or sing it silently in your head. Here is a great version found on Spotify if you prefer to just listen or for reference.

Lauren HannaComment