Vira Mudra

People have been using mudras to heal themselves for thousands of years. These hand gestures play an important role in working with the energies in your body and calling to the Hindu Gods & Goddesses to shed light on your manifestations.

As we move forward into Spring, leaving the heaviness of Winter behind, we may feel the desire to boost our energy, strength and inspiration.

I love using Vira Mudra when I want to feel empowered. This mudra signifies victory and overcoming obstacles. It even has cleansing properties when combined with pranayama breathing techniques such as Bhastrika breath. As you breath through Bhastrika while in Vira Mudra, pump your arms for a more detoxifying and energetic effect.

I recommend first sitting in Virasana, or Hero’s pose. Place the tops of the feet and shins on the ground and sit your hips between your feet. Make sure to keep the knees together to avoid injury.

If Virasana feels uncomfortable or if you have knee contradictions, you can sit in any other comfortable position.

Feel rooted in your seat and lengthen through the spine as you watch your breath circulate through the body.

Start by extending the arms over head and make a fist, with your thumb extended upwards (like you’re giving a thumbs up with each hand). Keeping the arms and hands engaged, imagine bright and powerful energy shooting from your heart to your thumbs. Feel free to close the eyes and enjoy this awakening of the power within you!

For more information on mudras and their benefits, visit AyurvedDoctor

Lauren Hanna