Trikonasana, or Triangle Pose, is an invigorating and strengthening posture to incorporate into your practice. It requires you to focus on the alignment of your pelvis, which is a place where many women hold tension. It tones the reproductive organs, making it a great pose to aid in fertility.

Coming into Trikonasana while your back is against the wall is a great way to see how your body should be so that everything is in alignment. Your body is literally making an isosceles triangle! Keeping this image of geometry in your mind will help you understand the important engagements and movements of the body needed to keep the spine and shoulders aligned and getting the most out of this pose.

How to get in Trikonosana:

-From Warrior II with the right leg in lunge, start to engage the core and straighten the front leg.

-Inhale and tip the upper body forward and over the straightened leg. You can place the back of your right hand on the inside of your front shin, or use a block if you start to feel an intense stretch in the back of your right leg.

-Send your gaze up, looking towards the top hand and keeping the neck long and in line with the rest of your spine.

-Keeping the whole body engaged and the shoulders in line, extend through both arms, reaching with the top fingertips and grounding through the bottom. Breathe through the rib cage to open up the chest.

-Send your breath to the pelvis and focus on sending the ‘pelvic bowl’ to the right. This will help ease any tension in the hips and keep them in line.

-Come out of Trikonasana by exhaling and bending the right leg. Bring the arms back up into Warrior II.

In addition to the benefits listed above, Trikonasana also helps to align the spine and shoulders, stimulate the nervous system, and alleviate feelings of depression and anxiety. It increases the range of motion in the hips and releases tension in the joints around the pelvis.

For the subtle body, triangle pose opens up the heart chakra as the arms reach wide. The sacral chakra also releases pent up feelings of worry, insecurity and anger.

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Lauren Hanna