The Energy of Spring

Namaste Sacred Mamas,

I hope you are all drinking in the radiance of early spring! The Spring Equinox is upon us and how amazing that is also aligned with the Full Moon this year!  What a powerful bathing of light!

I’m sure many of you are feeling this abundance of light as heightened energy, creativity, joy and movement.

But for some of us the shift from winter to spring can be a bit challenging. We feel heavy, bogged down, lethargic. This is the energy of spring letting us know it’s time for change.

As I sit to write this note to you, I’ve just returned from the market where my basket is filled with all things green, watercress, parsley, mint, asparagus, kale, spinach, cucumber, microgreens and all of the yummy vibrant purifying foods of Spring. All fertility boosting foods!

We are at the sacred juncture of the year, where inner and outer cleansing are high on the agenda of all beings who are living a Yogic/Ayurvedic lifestyle. Nature is our teacher and it is letting us know it’s time to renew.
In order to awaken our fertility, it’s important to align with the cycles of nature, it helps us to stay conscious of our environment and to allow ourselves to shift and change our energy, just as the natural world does.

As the days get longer, we can start to feel the beautiful radiant warmth of the sun on our skin. Even though the temps are still cool, the sun creates a special energy that only spring can bring.

Spring represents rebirth, as all of nature bursts from the darkness of winter and celebrates life. It is the season of fertility!

In the Yoga tradition, spring is aligned with the qualities of transformation that we associate with Lord Shiva in the form of Nataraja.  
He dances in the ring of fire as he allows his essence to be purified from the all negative forces. He releases, he lets go, he cleans, he purges, and then he dances in celebration.

I am so into the idea of a Spring Dance to celebrate clearing out all that doesn’t serve us and opening to the unlimited gifts and blessings that await us.

But first we have to take action, even when we are finding it hard to discipline ourselves. The heaviness of the Kapha season can sometimes make us feel like we are drowning, or in a fog. The only solution is to create a schedule and stick to it!  But it doesn’t have to be dreadful it can actually be fun and enjoyable!

Here are some of the ways that I am preparing to welcome in spring and release the pull of winter. I recommend all of these practices to boost your fertility this spring!

  1. Wake with The Sun! - I love to sleep, and, in the winter, I rely on my alarm clock to wake me, but once spring hits I open my shades and allow the sun to wake me at sunrise.  This requires going to bed a little earlier in order to get enough sleep but waking with the light will actually give you more energy. Even if you get less sleep, you will feel more energized during the day.

  2. Practice Pranayama! - Bhastrika breath for 10 min every morning can help to clear out the heaviness of Kapha, warm the body, rejuvenate your energy, purify toxins and bring clarity to the mind.  Way better than coffee, which feels good at first but ends up being depleting.

  3. Dry Brush! - Brush the dry winter skin away. This is a wonderful practice for clearing away the dead cells of dry winter skin, clearing toxins from the skin and bringing energy to your body. Always brush towards the heart.  Start with the feet and move up the legs, then to the arms, back and the sides. Don’t overbrush be gentle and 1 or 2 x a week is plenty. You can follow with a nourishing oil of your choice.

  4. Simple Home Cleanse! - Go through your closets, shelves, drawers one by one and purge anything you haven’t used in the past year! Recycle, donate, or create a Swap and trade your things with friends.

  5. Core Cultivation! - I would definitely suggest a mala of 108 sun salutations on the Equinox. What a powerful way to wake up your body for spring but, I love to practice a daily 108 core cultivation practice for 15 days following your first menstruation after the spring equinox. I love the idea of purifying my core and strengthening it for the more active lifestyle of spring and summer. It helps with balance and strength and supports your spine for meditation!


  6. Spring Cleaning! - Inside for the body I recommend a 10-day Vegan cleanse. I usually wait till it warms up a bit, so anytime between now and the end of April is great. This is the cleanse I practice:

But you can do your own version:

All Days: No dairy, animal protein, gluten, sugar, fruit, alcohol or caffeine

Juice 4 cups of vegetable juice in the am, drink water and herbal tea throughout the day

Days 1 to 3 – Quinoa or Millet, nuts +seeds, + veggies

Days 4 to 6 – All green days

Days 7 to 10 – Add back quinoa, nuts + seeds + veggies.

Read further in the April newsletter for my Spring Aromatherapy Favorites and my new favorite Sweet Spring Asparagus Soup Recipe.

Please enjoy this replay of the Spring Equinox meditation. We will honor the sacred transition from winter to spring. In this potent practice we meditate to release the stagnation of winter and open to the clearing energy of spring. We take time to reflect inward, create space for the inner knowing to blossom, while cultivating positive vibrations for a powerful inner and outer transformation. Together we awaken our personal path of manifestation to endless abundance and bliss. The re-play link is below.

I hope you all enjoy my sacred spring rituals and please share your favorite practices for awakening to spring!

With Love and Abundance,


Lauren Hanna