Shalabhasana, also known as Locust Pose, is a great introduction to back bending postures. It strengthens the entire back side and relieves stress. It also stimulates the organs of the abdominal region, helping eliminate symptoms of fatigue, constipation and lower back pain.

-Lie on your belly with your arms beside your torso, palms facing up. Rotate your thighs inward so that the big toes face each other. Have a gentle restriction in your buttocks to protect the lower back.

-On the exhale, slowly lift the chest, arms and thighs off of the mat. Keeping the legs internally rotated and the buttocks slightly firmed, extend through the legs by reaching with the base of the toes.

-Inhale and bring everything down to the mat. You can create a pillow with your hands to protect the forehead. Breathe here and release all tension in the body.

-Slowly come back up on the exhale, this time trying to get all three parts a little higher.

-Inhale back down and exhale back to child’s pose.

If you are newer to this pose, you can modify by placing the palms of your hands flat on the mat beside your hips. Press firmly into the hands as you lift the chest, upper torso and legs.

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Lauren Hanna