Prana Mudra

As we shift into the Summer Solstice, we may want to use the idea of this ‘new beginning’ to manifest changes within our own lives. During the colder months, our energy can feel heavy and dormant. Prana Mudra is an excellent practice to bring life back into the body, allowing space for healing energy.

This is a powerful mudra that is capable of reversing many types of illnesses from Alzimer’s to uterus cysts, balancing out the three doshas, and awaken the spirit to the Prana that exists in everything around us.

It is recommended to perform this mudra alone, as you will experience an intense spiritual shift through the vibrations created in the body. In a comfortable seat or in tadasana, place your ring and pinky fingers underneath the tip of your thumb, while keeping your other two fingers straight. 

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Lauren Hanna