Say Yes!

Namaste Sacred Mamas,

I know many of us are braving the winter and fighting to stay warm and sunny inside and out. Hopefully some of you are finding respite from the cold in a warm and sunny place. For those of us that are feeling the arCtic air and need a little boost, let’s explore looking at the positive side of winter.

Winter, although sometimes dark and dreary, calls us inward and gives us a wonderful opportunity for inner transformation and healing to be done.

Boosting our fertility is a holistic practice that I believe includes not only our physical healing but our emotional and spiritual healing as well. Keeping our mood up and, our energy level high and our spirits bright during this time of year can prove challenging. Winter allows time for inner contemplation. We can use the dark, quiet, cold space as an entry point into self-healing.

The happier we are the more likely we are to get pregnant naturally.

I’ve actually been feeling more vibrant and positive this winter than ever before, and I’ve been trying to figure out what has shifted inside my life to create this new outlook.

I have been contemplating ways to transform the mundane of our everyday existence into something radically vibrant and joyful. What came to me is the power to say YES!

When we say YES, the unbelievable becomes believable, the unrealized becomes real and we awaken to a higher level of existence.


When we cut ourselves off from possibility, because of fear, lack of energy, or other distraction, then we are closing the door on growth and transformation. Often on the fertility journey we get so focused on getting pregnant that we forget about all of the amazing opportunities to just enjoy our lives!

When we say Yes, even if it’s scary or uncomfortable, we push ourselves into a place of growth. Or at the very least we shake things up, which allows for new possibilities.

So, the next time you have the opportunity, Say YES and open your heart to the journey and a new level of possibility.

Here’s what happened when I recently said YES!

I was asked to join an all-female rock & roll band. The irony is that I’ve always wanted to play in a band, but I have absolutely no musical training or talent at all.

So, when my friend asked me to join, what did I say? YES! I just blurted it out and from that point forward was officially in a band!  The band was created to perform for the Fantasy Battle of the All Girl Bands, benefit to support a local theatre group that empowers young girls and women of all ages.

From the moment I said YES! And started practicing our song (Are You Gonna Be My Girl by Jet) on my daughters keyboard I could feel things begin to shift. There were definitely feelings of fear and self-doubt. Negative thoughts and self judgements always have a way of trying to bring us down. Luckily for me the sheer joy of making music out weighed the discomfort and I stayed committed.

Stepping out of my comfort zone, dedicating my energy to a creative endeavor has had a profoundly inspiring effect on all aspects of my life.

I see things differently, I hear things differently especially music. Life seems more vibrant, all of a sudden there are a million colors in the rainbow.  Possibilities seem endless.

Another great exercise to work with at this time of year to boost your mood and shift your mindset is to fill in the answer to this question:

Wouldn’t it be great if _____________________________________________________?

This is a wonderful practice introduced to me by one of my business mentors, Maria Folio.

Just fill in that sentence with whatever you think would be great to have in your life. It could be your baby, it could be anything. See all of the details. And then spend the next few months making it happen!

Here’s to not being afraid to step out of our comfort zone, to saying YES and creating a life that is GREAT, and also to surviving the winter with deep healing, transformation and growth.

With love and gratitude for this path, for the blessings of this practice and for the gift of being able to share my experiences with you all.


Lauren Hanna