Lotus Mudra

February is known as the month of love and compassion. The Lotus Mudra is a great way to allow love into the heart space and heal ourselves from any emotional trauma or feeling of loneliness.

This Mudra is also particularly great for fertility because it represents purity and balance. Like the Lotus Flower, rising up from murky waters, this mudra inspires the transition from fear and attachment to a deeper connection to the beauty of your soul.

Placing your hands at the center of the chest in prayer, start to open up the palms, leaving the thumbs and pinky fingers of the hands connected. The pointer, middle and ring fingers will splay open like a Lotus flower. Enjoy a few breaths here with the eyes closed as you feel a release in the third chakra.

Learn More about the Lotus Mudra via Salt Spring Malas: https://saltspringmalas.com/lotus-mudra/

Lauren Hanna