Let Life Love You

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Namaste Dear Sacred Mamas,


What a powerful time to be alive and connected through the practice of Sacred Fertility Yoga. We have just moved through the sacred junctures of the Fall Equinox, the Jewish New year Rosh Hashanah, the Hindu festival of Navaratri and the first new moon cycle. The transition into the beauty and stillness of fall is a magical time to reset and renew our fertility.


The blessing of this powerful new moon cycle is that it gives us the opportunity to look inward, to take stock of ourselves, our patterns, our environment.  It invites us to observe the spaces in our lives where we need to heal and grow.  It helps to bring attention to the darkness within that might be an obstacle to our fertility.  It’s time to release it and transform it into light.


In Patanjali Yoga Sutras, the great foundational scripture of Yoga, he shares with us a path to follow to release our suffering and realize our true blissful nature.  In the 2nd Limb called the Niyama’s, which are the principles of self-practice, he advises us to practice Svadhyaya, self-study. 


Now is the time as we head into the darkest quarter of the year, moving towards the Winter Solstice, to practice Svadhyaya.  I encourage you to take some time in stillness and to go deep within. Observe your inner world, to pay attention to the places in the physical, emotional

and spiritual realm, that are asking for healing and balance.


Once you have discovered the places that are calling for your attention, take conscious steps towards refueling, renewing and transforming the challenges into successes.


As my Shaman, Rene Dustwalker shares, wake up each day, choose to feed yourself with positive energy. Be conscious of what you eat, what you expose your mind to, what you read, and listen to. Observe the people you surround yourself with, the places you go, the choices you make.


Are you establishing a healthy environment that will feed your soul and nourish your essence to awaken your fertility or are you depleting yourself with negative patterns, dissonant energy and destructive people, places and things?


Choose beauty, nature, poetry, high vibrational people, places and things, to raise your frequency, to awaken your light, to fill you with love.


Use this time as an opportunity to let go, to shift, to grow and celebrate the abundance in your life!


A client of mine recently shared with me her intention to LET LIFE LOVE HER!


And I encourage you to do the same!   With a little help from your Yoga practice you will make it very easy for to LET LIFE LOVE YOU and manifest the baby of your dreams !


Blessings and Love,






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