Reverse Warrior

January’s Sacred Pose of the Month is Parsva Virabhadrasana!

Also known as Reverse Warrior is a powerful standing pose that builds strength in the legs and core. Virabhadra was a legendary warrior in the Yoga tradition. Practicing this pose will stimulate your third chakra, awaken your inner power and give you stamina to move forward on your fertility journey.

Practicing this pose stretches the side waist, hips and strengthens the legs for birthing. It also calms the mind and balances the body. It helps us to root and ground our energy when we are feeling afraid or confused.

It is most beneficial to practice Parsva VIrabhadrasana Pre and Post Ovulation. Best to avoid this pose during ovulation and menstruation due to the potentially heating effects.

How to Practice:

Stand on your mat with hands on the sides.

Place your left leg forward about 2 – 3 feet with feet pointing straight ahead.

Slowly bend your left knees so that the thighs make a 90 degrees angle with the fore legs.

Let the right leg, pointing backwards, maintain an angle of about 45 degrees to the ground.

Let the right hand rest on the right thigh.

Raise the left hand upwards and simultaneously arch the spine forward. The chest is opened up and gaze is turned upwards. The left palm points straight to the sky.

Remain in this pose for as long as you are comfortable and breathe slowly and deeply concentrating on your inner power. If you get too warm or your leg gets fatigued you can take a break and straighten your front leg.

To release the pose, bring down the left hand and straighten the left leg. Bring the two feet together again.

Rest for few breaths and repeat the same with the right leg forward.