The Space Between

Namaste Sacred Mamas,

I’m writing to you from my favorite island in Italy called Ponza. The locals call their island “l'isola che non esiste,” the island that doesn’t exist. I think because it is so beautiful, it could only exist in your dreams, or maybe because somehow it’s the forgotten one, not famous like the other Italian islands. She sits quietly in the space between waiting for only the lucky ones to discover her beauty. My teacher, Sally Kempton, teaches a meditation called “The Space Between the Breaths.” I love to rest in this sacred space and contemplate the paradox of power and ease in this sweet spot.

This is the perfect space to awaken your fertility. 

When we are on the fertility journey, life can become so full, so planned, so intense, that often it is difficult to see the sweetness. The space in between, is referred to as the “Madhya” in the Tantric tradition. It can only be discovered by quietly observing, acknowledging the pause, and surrendering to it. For me, my summer vacation time, usually my only non-working vacation of the year, is the time for me to disappear into that space in between. The sweet space where the intensity of my life disappears or ceases to exist. It is at this time that I can awaken to the unreal beauty of my life, my family love, my existence.  I believe that this was the space where I conceived my miracle baby girl Jaya at 45. 

I encourage you to take some time today to find that space between; between the busyness, between the intensity, between the worry and the fear. Rest in the ease, the quiet simplicity of “non esiste.” Allow yourself to melt into the beauty, the bliss, the joy that only exists when we allow ourselves the space to realize its presence. I know this allows you to open to a more receptive fertile place to manifest your baby dreams!

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In the meantime, please enjoy the attached meditation inspired by the teachings of Sally Kempton.

Con Tanto Amore


The Space Between the Breaths

Hum Sa


Dedicate Your Practice

INVOCATION/INTENTION: Create an intention for your practice. Take a moment to invoke the great spirit, mind or consciousness.  Chant Om or work with other ritual beginnings.

PRANAYAMA: Please find your seat, and work with the pranayama exercises as outlined below: 

Solar/Lunar Breath

Please work with Ujjayi, moving breath up and down the sushumna nadi, the central channel. Inhale a cooling nourishing lunar breath. Visualize clarity and vitality. Exhale warm purifying breath. Visualize the purging of toxins. Inhale luminous spacious light. Exhale restrictive darkness and negativity. Continue with this practice for 9 to 18 rounds.

DHAHRAN:  We will add to the pranayama preparation the following Dharana exercise, working with the space between the breaths, as practiced taught to me by my teacher Sally Kempton.

On the completion of the pranayama exercises, please bring your attention back to your own natural breath.  Bring your attention softly to the natural flow of the in breath and out breath.  Let the inhalation come from the spiritual heart center and let the exhale arise from this same space. Watch the inhale as it moves into the region of the heart. Be aware of a slight pause as the breath deepens at the top of the inhale. Recognize this space. Focus on the pause, don't try to lengthen it, just be aware of it's presence. Allow yourself to relax into this space.  If there is any tension when breathing into the heart space move in slowly and gently and do not force.  Allow the heart to slowly soften.When the exhalation starts, allow the breath to slowly release out of the heart center, gently follow the breath with your attention. Again notice the pause of space at the end of the exhale. Focus there with a soft subtle awareness. Just observe, don't try to do anything.  Continue to follow the in breath and out breath in this pattern,  begin to repeat the mantra "HUM SA". Inhale Hum and exhale Sa.  Gently rest in the pause at the top  of the in breath and bottom of the out breath.   Focus on both the space inside and outside the heart.  Let the practice take you deeper and become the witness to the experience.

CLOSING: Close by chanting Om Shanti or Lokah Samasta Sukhino Bhavantu

Take time to journal any reflections that may have arisen during the practice.You can also work with this practice as you are moving around through your day.  At any point that you feel stressed or would like to "slow down"  bring your awareness to your breath and focus on a few rounds of Solar/Lunar breath and/or chant the HUM SA mantra.  Observe how this changes your experience of your day. 

Lauren Hanna