Namaste Dear Sacred Community, 

I was so inspired by a few quotes from my teacher Gormukh Khaur Khalsa in her recent letter on changing the “I” to “We”.  I feel so strongly that this practice can be so helpful to you all as you navigate your path to fertility, I immediately felt compelled to share her words below: 

“In the healing came the word “We.”  The realization is that to go forth into the healing of this world in this time and space of the history on this Earth, one of the primary words to drop from the language is “I.”  To forget the word “I” could be one of the greatest contributions we can give to the world.

We will live.  We will suffer.  We will share. 

Let this day be the day that “I” shall become “We.”  In the Spirituality of Meditation and in the Grace of the Union of Yoga, let us transform ourselves from “I” to “We” in our language, in our actions, and in our thoughts.  In this way we achieve the purpose of life.  While in Chiapas, we were blessed with the profound experience of the “We.”  This feeling of “We” feels so good.  The real peace will never be in “I.”  The real peace is in “We.”   Let us use our minds and our egos to transform our “I” into “We.” 

Try this for just one day.  Then when you lie in bed at night after Meditation and Prayer, feel how you feel. “
Gormukh Khaur Khalsa"

As you walk the path to fertility it can often be a lonely isolating journey.  By practicing thinking from a place of “We,  you will not only help all of the other women who are trying to have babies like you but, you will become part of a collective field of unified intentions.  Together you will bond the power of your thoughts to support one another and create even stronger potential for your baby dreams to be realized! 

I spent some time wrapping my head around this idea of changing the “I” to “We”.  What if I put my own needs aside and embraced the needs of others?  Would that mean that my needs would not get met? Would I lose my sense of self, my identity ?  As I began to practice living life from the “We” perspective,  the clearer it became that if I focused on the “We” then that “We” would not exclude but it would include me.  And not only that, if others were practicing the speaking,  thinking, acting from the same collective “We” then all of those others would be speaking, thinking, and acting for me too. 

Which actually felt pretty amazing! 

Here are a few practical suggestions on ways to move from “I” to “We”:

1. Practice Unlimited Love: Move through life from a place of love, let your heart lead the way open to embracing the needs, desires and dreams of others.  Imagine your heart expanding beyond yourself reaching out to heal and embrace all beings everywhere. The love in your heart is unlimited, practice seeing how big you can make it, how far you can expand it, how many can you touch with your love. 

2. Stop Complaining: Complaining is the ego’s way of expressing its discomfort with your life and bringing attention to the negative. It causes you to compare, to judge, to focus on all that is not perfect with you. It’s a path that has no positive ending. Stop focusing on yourself, limit complaining, stay in the moment, and just breathe. Practice acceptance and allow yourself to open to possibility.

3. Expand Your Gratitude:  Take time out each day to focus on what you are grateful for, but also include gratitude for things that make others happy, safe, and comfortable.  Expand your gratitude circle to include loved ones, friends, neighbors, community, even strangers. Feel the huge shift when you allow yourself to open to the blessings for all beings everywhere. 

Join me on Monday August 13thfor a New Moon Meditation practice to meditate on the collective “WE” to learn to move beyond the demands of our Ego.  We will explore how the universal practice of mediation can guide us to the place where we may see all others as an extension of ourselves. Together we will melt into the power of the collective unifying field and experience full spectrum love, abundance, positive vibrations, happiness and bliss. 

Sending you all oceans of love from Montauk,


Lauren Hanna