Namaste Dear Sacred Mamas, 

Welcome to Pitta Season. The season dominated by the element of fire. Pitta ignites our bodies and minds and encourages transformation and change.  From the words of the master Bob Marley, “ The sun is shining the weather is sweet yea, make you want to move your dancing feet now”. 

During Pitta season we receive the energy of the sum. It feels warm, encouraging, enlightening. It calls us to get out and move, to explore, to experience. So whatever it is you have been dreaming of now is the time to make it happen. Summer is the time to shift from the undoing to the doing, from the mundane to the ecstatic, from the status quo to the superb. It is the perfect time to bring our babies in! 

The challenge is that we need to be cautious of overheating in summer.  Excess pitta can lead to an exacerbation of pitta related disorders such as stress and inflammation which are both not good for fertility health. So as you jump into the heat of pitta season, be cautious of not over doing it and stay cool, refreshed and hydrated.

  Here are some hints from Pratima to balance pitta:

1.   Hydrate: Drink cooling drinks like coconut water.

2.   Cool: Walk under the moonlight. Stay out of the mid-day sun.

3.   Soothe: Nighttime heart massage: Add 3 to 5 drops of vetiver, rose, and sandalwood essential oil to a base of coconut oil. Massage your two heart centers nightly 4thchakra, center of chest at sternum and 

The marma point talahrudaya  (known as the heart of the foot) located on the sole of the foot straight line down from the middle toe.

4.   Delight: Clear the eyes with rose water. Dip cotton pads in rose water and place over eyelids. Relax and enjoy your summer !

Happy 4th! 

With Love and Abundance Lauren

Lauren Hanna