Building Community

Dear Sacred Mamas,

This June newsletter is dedicated to all of you, the amazing, vibrant, loving, inspiring and passionate women who make up the unique and special community of Sacred Fertility Yoga. Coming together to prepare for motherhood and share our love of life is one of the greatest gifts we can ever receive. 

Community is a powerful presence. It is the strong bond of community that can lift us up when we are feeling blue, that can hold our hearts when we are down, it can help us celebrate the joys of our lives and heal us when we are ill. With community life is richer and fuller.  When we are connected to others, we are not alone, we are held and supported. We feel more grounded, more centered and most of all loved. 

Early summer is the time of year when we burst out of our winter cocoons and finally shed the last heaviness of spring. We are now ready to open ourselves to new experiences and to celebrate in full fruition the beauty & radiance of life.

What makes this time of year so amazing and satisfying is not just the gorgeous weather and freedom it brings, but the ability to commune and connect with our beloved family and friends.  What is so special is that we have each other to share these experiences with, to play, party, laugh, dance and celebrate together.    

June is also the time of the Summer Solstice and this year on June 21st we will be celebrating the peak of light in the Northern Hemisphere.   In traditional Pagan and Christian societies, the Solstice celebrations of Mid Summer and St. Johns day are beautiful celebrations of gathering together with family, friends & community to honor the light of the Sun as well as the light of St. John.  

Wishing you a beautiful entry to summer, may your days be blessed with an expanding inner light and may you also feel the love and gratitude of the expanding outer light of your community. May you honor the beauty of that connection and cherish all of the joy that it brings.

May your sweet baby come to you in this radiant light of summer!

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu


Lauren Hanna