Connecting to Our Joy

Spring is here and life is busy! We all live in a fast-paced world filled with constant movement and change. A full life is a beautiful life, but when we are trying to conceive, sometimes too much movement is counterproductive. In order to promote fertility our bodies need grounding and routine.

Earth practices are the perfect complement to busy modern lifestyles. When we spend time in nature, we deepen our connection to the earth. I am soothed by the natural rhythms of nature the ocean tides, the sunrise and sunset, the moon phases, the changing seasons. All of these patterns are routine and unchanging. They calm us like the firm beat of a drum.

When you experience the wavering energy of your life, and feel the symptoms of too much movement, stress and erratic patterns surfacing,

I suggest you find a connection to the earth, ground, root, anchor and settle in. Trying planting a garden, getting a massage, moving slowly, and finding time to relax each day.

Here is a great breathing technique to activate the calming earth energy for spring.

With Love, Lauren

Grounding Pranayama

Please begin by grounding yourself in your meditative seat. Practicing awareness.   Bring yourself to a comfortable place.

Bring awareness to the Sushumna Nadi,and begin to breathe the breath up and down the central channel.

Begin with a steady rhythm balancing in breath and out breath.  Match the length of the inhale to the exhale. Count each beat of the breathe one om, two om, three om, etc.

Practice 3 to 9 rounds

Sit and Observe

Deepen Your Exhale:

With awareness begin to create an unequal breathing ratio by allowing the exhale to grow longer than the inhale.

With each round, lengthen the exhale one more count and take a "free" inhale. Continue to deepen and lengthen the exhale

Explore the grounding quality of this breath. Do not allow the breath to be forced or strained, move with ease and relax deeply into it.

Practice 3 to 9 rounds. Sit and Observe.

Come back to the balanced breath ratio.

Repeat for 3 to 9 rounds

Exhale through the mouth 3 times then come back to your natural breath and sit in meditation for as long as you like.

Lauren Hanna