Awakening Intuition

Namaste Sacred Mamas, 

I am writing to you from the jungles of Costa Rica. We are so blessed to be drenched in the life transforming energy of the full moon tonight.   The full moon becomes a magic beacon of hope and radiance when there are no other lights to compete with it’s glory. Here in the jungle on solar power, the full moon reigns.  She is both healer and teacher. The all knowing presence of abundance and bliss.  She is the energy that brings our babies in!

How can we harness this energy to guide us more deeply into the intuitive place of knowing so that we may awaken our dormant abundance and manifest our dreams of being a mother. Often people say to me, you are so lucky, you have such a beautiful daughter and wonderful life, and although I do feel blessed and have deep gratitude for these blessings, I don’t ever think of myself as lucky.  In a deeper place of knowing I am aware that the universe holds abundance for us ALL and that through the practice of Yoga we are all granted access to these gifts. 


The challenge is knowing which path to follow, which turn to take, which decision to make in our lives that will lead us to our own personal joy and contentment.  Sometimes called dharma or our destiny, each person has a unique path to follow.  So how do we decide if we should move left or move right, turn up or down, forward or back?  I’ve found the key in being still.  When we can learn to be still and create space between the busy parts of our lives, we will open the doorway to our own intuition. 

It is in this space of intuition that the appropriate options present themselves to us. And it is in the quiet reflective place in our hearts and guts that we can find the best path to take.  I know in my life, the universe has opened the doorway for me many times, but because of my own busyness, I haven’t noticed the signs or seen the clear path.  There have also been times when I’ve recognized the opportunity but was unsure of myself and afraid to choose the path to abundance. I was held back by my ego, confusion, fear, or self judgment. 

I encourage you to take some time to reflect on this concept.  Is it luck or is it destiny?  Does the universe provide for some and not for others? Or does the universe hold the key to all of our hearts,  just waiting for us to step up to unlock it’s gifts.   Try to create some space in your life, slow down, reflect, be gentle, create the opening for the abundance to reveal itself to you.  Contemplate, meditate and take time to consider your options.  Realize when you are being controlled by your mind and do your best to get quiet and listen to your heart and your gut. 

I am attaching a practice that I love, called Nishta Drishti.  It is a simple yet powerful practice from the Tantric tradition to develop a connection to your wisdom center and awaken your intuition. The naval center, or belly button area is an important focal point in many healing traditions. In Tantra and Ayurveda it is considered the portal to the body, breath and mind. Bringing your attention to your naval center can strengthen your digestive fire, enliven your breath, quiet your mind and give you access to the deep wisdom that is held beneath all three layers.

Follow the directions below and let me know how it goes.I would also like to invite you to join me for a Free Virtual Meditation call to awaken our intuition and manifest our baby dreams in celebration of the Spring Equinox on March 20th at 8pm EST.  Register here:

With Full moon love + abundance, Lauren

To practice Nishta Drishti:

Set yourself up in a comfortable position, lying on your back on a folded blanket with your knees bent and feet anchored to the earth hip width apart. Allow the knees to drop in to gently to touch each other. You can roll up a small towel and place it under your neck to keep a gentle curve in your cervical spine. Lie your torso flat and lengthen your spine.  Make any adjustments that will help you to remain comfortable for a good 20 -30 minutes. 

Scan your body for any holding and invite yourself to let go.Begin to breathe smoothly from your lower belly up through your collar bones and back down again. Relax deeply on the exhale letting go of any holding or tension in your body. Each time you exhale let go of the deeper layers of stress in your mind and your emotions. 

Turn your attention to the belly area. Throughout this practice you will keep your focus on the navel center. Just relax and observe. Feel any sensations of digestion, notice the pulse, feel the belly rise and fall naturally with your breath. Try to remain focused. Try not to let the mind wander. If your mind wanders, gently steer it back to the navel center once again. Try to stay focused on the naval center for about 20 minutes.  

As you focus you might feel your digestion being stimulated to make room for easier breathing. This begins a clearing of fogginess and stagnation that blocks your deeper inner knowing.  Once the clearing begins to move, you will begin to feel connected to your intuition. 

After about 20 minutes focus your attention on your breath swirling around your belly. Just beneath your breath, see your wisdom center, your source of intuition and wisdom housed right in your naval center. 

Then ask yourself a question. What do I need today? What do I need to best care for myself today? Or ask a specific question. How can I best care for … this certain situation? What is the answer to this question And then wait and listen.

You may feel different sensation, see visions or hear different words or sentences arise. You may get lost in your thoughts. You can repeat the questions over and over if you like. Continue to focus on your navel center, eventually something will come through that feels like its coming from deep within vs. a surface thought. 

After several times practicing this technique you will become more clear what is thought and what is intuition. Be patient with yourself.

When you feel complete stretch your body. Take your knees to your chest, twist,  or any other simple stretch that feels good. Come up to sit.  Bring your hands in prayer and close your practice with gratitude and chant a simple mantra such as Om. 

Sometimes when we practice Nishta Drishti the answers may not come right away, the may show up later in a day dream or at night while sleeping or in meditation.  Be patient and receptive and keep the invitation open. Eventually you will begin to feel stronger and stronger intuitive messages coming through.  Stay gentle and move slowly so you are present when the universe wants to share something with you.  Namaste

Lauren Hanna