The Goddess

Namaste Dear Sacred Mamas, 

I hope you all are moving through the Fall transition with ease and grace. I always look forward to October. Not only is my hometown of Montauk enjoying quiet days after the busyness of summer, but it is time for Navaratri, one of the most sacred sadhana periods of the year. Navaratri  which takes place on Oct. 10 to 16, is a ten day festival dedicated to the triple form of the Goddess. 

During this period we go into practices to invoke Ma Durga, goddess of transformation, Ma Lakshmi, goddess of love, beauty and abundance and end with Ma Saraswati, goddess of the sublime flow of wisdom and creativity. It is a deeply reflective time of inner reflection and growth. The perfect time to nourish your body with simple foods, to care for your home with love and attention and to move inward to connect to the Goddess within. In the Yoga tradition we use the Goddess practices to awaken our inner abundance, our dreams and desires. It is the perfect path to awaken your fertility! 

Please join me at Sonic for a Navaratri Celebration with Thomas Wave on live Sitar on Tuesday, October 16th at 8pm.  If you cannot make it for the Sonic Navaratri celebration, continue reading below for some ways that you can awaken the Goddess in your own practice to guide you through your life! 



Goddess practices are not just for deep spiritual exploration, they can be used in a very practical manner to balance your every mood and bring strength, steadiness and awareness to your daily life.  In the Tantric tradition they are considered true powers that are held within us.  Each of us has the ability to unlock these great energies. Once we can awaken their divine presence, we can use it to help us move through challenges, ground into the present and open to unlimited possibility. 

Each of the goddess energies has a unique personality or archetype that exists within the unconscious mind as forms of divine love. Together they are called Shakti.

Shakit is the divine feminine intelligence that flows within us guiding us in deep meditation. The goal of all spiritual practices is to awaken this great energy within us.

Each of the Goddesses represents a different quality or aspect of ourselves. We can practicing with them by calling in the energy of the Goddess to support us,  we can focus on awakening the quality of each Goddess that already lies dormant within us and we can become the Goddess. 


For the purpose of this practice we will limit our focus to the three most important Hindu goddesses or the triple goddess aka Tridevi.  This triad is birthed from the maha great Goddess Maheshwara, and includes the primary incarnations of Ma Durga or Kali, Ma Lakshmi and Ma Saraswati.  The Tridevi is designed to guide us through the phases of the evolutionary cycle to help transform our existence. The three phases are: dissolution guided by Ma Kali or Durga., preservation guided by Ma Lakshmi and creation guided by Ma Saraswati. 


Together these divine beings support our personal and spiritual evolution as we move through the phases of birth, life, death and rebirth.   We can apply this map to everyday life experiences where we flow through these stages continuously. In our work, our relationships, our health, finances and all aspects of our life, we are always in the beginning (creation), middle (preservation) or ending phase (dissolution). Ultimately, everything will eventually dissolve creating space for something new (rebirth).  


Durga is the ferocious form of the Goddess. She rides on a tiger and wields weapons of destruction. She holds both the energy of the warrior and the devoted mother.  Durga is the protector who watches over us during difficult times and guides us to freedom. 


Lakshmi is the nurturing form of the Goddess. She sits on a lotus flower representing the transformation from darkness to light. Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance who guides us to success and awakens our inner and outer beauty. 


Saraswati is the wise form of the Goddess. She is the great scholar and meditator. She rides on a swan representing her purity and ability to discern and awaken inner clarity and intuition. Saraswati is the Goddess who guides our creativity and awakens our ability for innovation and transformation. 


Durga is invoked when we are in the shadow side of life, darkness of the storm. When we are facing difficulties, when we are deeply ill, when our finances are lacking, when we have been let go from our jobs, when we have lost someone we love.  Durga shows up with her ferocious strength to guide us to a place of inner power. She aids us in moving through the darkness, she encourages us to let go and dissolve our attachments.  She guides us with her loving strength to a place of freedom. 


Kali Mudra, the mudra of purification

Mantra for Durga: Om Dum Durgayei Namaha

Pranayama:  Bhastrika Breath ( Breath of Fire)


Lakshmi is called upon when we are feeling empty, when we are poor in both inner and outer wealth and beauty. We invoke her to fill our cup, when we need to nourish ourselves to give and receive love, to improve our health and increase energy, to bring financial success, to create a comfortable home, to attract a partner, and awaken our fertility to start a family. Lakshmi is the one who takes care of us, like the mother and provides with everything we need to move into a radiant place of richness, completion and contentment. 


Abhaya Mudra: Have no fear. 

Mantra for Lakshmi: Om Shrim Lakshmiyei Namaha

Pranayama: Prana Mudra Pranayama


Saraswati is invoked when we are feeling the many burdens of life that are causing us to be outwardly focused, overwhelmed and confused. We call her in when we are stuck in a rut and need to boost our creative energy, when we are feeling heavy and need to lighten our burdens, when we are feeling ignorant and wish to increase our wisdom, when we are confused and need to make decisions,  and when we cannot find our words and want to eloquently express ourselves. Saraswati helps to clear our minds, to awaken our inner intuition and wisdom. She brings us clarity, peace, ease and grace. 


Padma Mudra: Clarity and Transformation

Mantra for Ma Saraswati:  Om Aim Saraswatiyei Namaha

Pranayama: Nadi Shodhana

I encourage you to invoke these great divine energies and use them to guide you through the ups and downs of your life.  Concentrating on the Goddess energy and awakening their divine attributes can free you from suffering, allow you to create a life of your dreams and deliver you to spiritual enlightenment.  

With Love, Lauren

Lauren Hanna