of Intentions and Manifestation

Namaste Dear Sacred Mamas

Since the Winter Solstice I’ve been spending a great deal of time looking inward.  It’s the time of year where I look back on the past and reflect. I try my best to tune into the present moment to open my mind and allow myself to receive the inner messages so I may create my intentions for manifesting in the New Year. Intentions are different than goals.  Goals are what we want to do, to accomplish.  Intentions are about how we want to feel inside and what steps we want to take to cultivate those feelings.

The first question is figuring out how we want to feel.  Contemplate what it is you are looking to achieve in your life and then think about the feelings that will come up once that goal is achieved. This will help you to actually fine tune your dreams and help you to manifest in a more deeply satisfying way.  For example if you want a new place to live, think about how living in that new place will make you feel, journal the the feelings happy, grounded, energized, joyful, peaceful, excited or whatever they may be.

Once you are tuned into the feelings you can then begin to feel those feelings.  The Law of Attraction tells us that like increases like and that by practicing the feelings that you want to feel you will actually attract things that bring you those feelings.  So if you want a new home to feel peaceful, practice feeling peaceful and the new home filled with peace will come!

You can also incorporate Yoga practices to activate those feeling states in your body.  Experiencing feelings on an emotional and physical level will elevate the intensity of the feelings in your system.  For example if you want to feel energized, practice energizing vinyasa flow and powerful breathing techniques such as Kaphalabhati.  When you awaken these feelings on a physical level you are laying down new neural pathways and teaching your body how to feel what you want it to feel.

Now it is time to fine-tune your intentions.  Be sure that the intentions that you are seeking are not just an extension of what you’ve always felt, or based on a cultural expectation, or someone else’s dream.  Take some time to meditate on your inner voice, tune in deeply and connect with your intuition and make sure your intention is coming from a deeper place.

Once you have your intention clear the most important part of the process is to believe and trust that the universe will have your back.

The magic of setting intentions is knowing that the source of whatever you believe in will rise up to support you.  It’s important at this point to begin to visualize your intention and using all 5 of your senses imagining them coming to fruition.  During meditation is the perfect time to create your intentions.  You can ask the universe/God/Goddess/nature/love to support your intentions and guide you towards your dreams.  Trust and faith are the key ingredients that will bring your intentions to life.

Remember that you have within you all of the magic that you need to create your own reality.  Let 2018 be about harnessing your inner power. Dig deep, take some risks, be strong, do things differently, don’t be afraid, love deeply, and open your mind to possibility!

This is the time to practice Ishvara Pranidhana, the Yogic principle of surrendering to the divine.  Ask the universe for guidance but be prepared to let go of control and trust that the universe will bring you exactly what you need, and it may not look exactly like you want it to. 

All, that’s left is to surrender, receive and allow the magic of your intentions to wash over you!

Sending you all blessings and love for the New Year!

With love,



Lauren Hanna