Creativity is one of the powerful gifts of Yoga. It is the first phase of the Karmic cycle and aligned with the potency of birth.  As women on the path to fertility creativity is the essential component in manifesting our baby dreams.

We all have the ability to manifest and to create.  There are many ways to spark your creativity. Recently I explored creating art as a healing practice.  Making art is a powerful way to improve your health and increase fertility by awakening your inner creative energy.

The experience of manifesting a work of art, whether through music, painting, photography, dance, design, or any medium, is exquisitely aligned with the practice of Yoga.

For years I have been yearning to make art, yet I have been so busy with life that I have not made the time. I was also a bit overwhelmed with trying to decide what medium to choose. After many years of making excuses, I finally signed up for a workshop in Montauk this summer. The Art Barge is a beautiful Artists studio and museum located on the water in Napeague harbor near my home.

I choose a ceramics workshop because the dates worked for me and a friend of a friend was teaching. In the end I realized it doesn’t matter which medium I chose, what matters is that I had opened up the door to my inner creativity.  Once enrolled in the ceramics, I found myself crafting art in all areas of my life. I got back to exploring macramé as I did as a child.  I spent time making watercolors with my daughter on the beach. My cooking and gardening became more creative.  It was amazing how just one week of art could create such a profound shift in how I moved through my life.

Learning to move in a more harmonious way with the universe around is wonderful preparation for fertility.  When we learn to move consciously and with great awareness, it helps to calm our nervous system and boost our immune system.  A healthy strong body and a calm mind are key factors to healthy fertility.

Just as we do in Yoga, when we enter into the artistic process we first open ourselves to experimentation, which requires great courage and curiosity. The fertility journey requires us to be strong and courageous and brings up often-strong emotions.

Making art can be guided by our emotions.  We set ourselves up to momentarily fail; we learn to be patient and disciplined.  We find ways to accept what is and be present with the unfolding.  It is a way to practice being more accepting and encourages us to be patient and committed to our journey.

Creating art teaches us to be mindful and present. It demands that we focus inward, let go of our control and allow ourselves to be guided by our intuition. When we create art we enter into the flow, a very flow as we experience in Yoga. In that state of flow, we often feel the presence of something greater and grander than ourselves. Through inspiration it connects us to all universal energy.   A connection to our intuition is critical in creating life. The more practice we have in our life the more likely we are to get pregnant.

When working in my ceramics class I found myself present in such a thoughtful way.  It was so healing to pound, carve and mold the clay with my hands. I went in with no agenda and just let the process of creating wash over me. I did my best to practice non-judgment and to not get attached, just as I do in my Yoga practice.   I spent just 12 or so hours working on my ceramics, yet I experienced a profound shift in my mood and my way of relating to the world around me. 

Spending 12 hours that week creating rather than 12 hours working on my computer produced a deep healing effect on my nervous system. 

I also found that the quality of both my meditation and Yoga practice was greatly enhanced.  I felt more present more inspired and just plain happier.  I’m not trying to get pregnant right now, but I have no doubt that if I were that my artistic immersion would definitely serve that goal.

Many of you who are reading this are artists yourselves and can totally relate to what I am saying.  But the point I am trying to make here is that we are all artists.  We all have the potential to create. If you’ve been feeling stuck or sad or stressed lately, worried about your fertility and feeling hopeless, I encourage you to dive in and make some art, create something, enjoy the process, release into the flow and let the art wash over your life.

With love and inspiration,


Lauren Hanna