In the Yoga tradition “Change” is seen as the inevitable state of Prakriti or nature.  Prakriti is in a constant state of movement through the three guns; Sattva (clarity), Raja (movement), and Tamas (inertia). Change is an unavoidable state that we must all pass through on our paths to spiritual transformation and growth. This past year has been a whirlwind of change for Sonic Yoga.  New management, new space, new teachers, and more!   

Change is sometimes met with resistance, as it often brings difficult or uncomfortable emotions. Moving through a cycle of change can sometimes bring up feelings of loss and lack of control.   We often avoid change and the uncomfortable feelings that come with it.

In the Hindu tradition, we honor the system of the evolutionary cycle where energy of nature is in a constant state of change, shifting from creation, to preservation, to dissolution.  As Yogis on the path, the philosophy encourages us to embrace these phases of life equally and to recognize the necessity of each of these phases in the flow of life.  It encourages us to move through these cycles with ease and grace, releasing into the natural flow.

We can observe the play of prakriti as we watch the creation of the sunset, the preservation of life through the sun’s heat mid-day, and the dissolution every evening at sunset.  Although the sun setting represents the end or death of that day, it also, at the same time, creates space for the dawning of a new day, a sunrise.

We see these examples in all of the cycles of nature including the moon phases, seasons, and ultimately the life cycle itself.  We will all experience the unavoidable movement through the phases of birth, life, death, and rebirth. The Yoga tradition encourages us to surrender to this great flow, to release that which is dissolving and to embrace and celebrate that which emerges in the re-birth.

I would like to thank you all for so patiently embracing the new space, new faces, new policies and new vision of Sonic Yoga that has been evolving this past year.  Chris, Alex, Todd, Michelle and I are working hard to create a Sonic that is a beautiful balance of the “old” soulful studio that we all know and love, and at the same time surrendering into the flow of the inevitable expanding, growing reality that is continually evolving and changing as prakriti will.

Please welcome our newest teacher Siri Rishi Khaur for Kundalini flow on Tuesday at 1pm, and Wednesday at 6:30pm to celebrate change and embrace the re-birth! 

With Love All Ways, Lauren



Lauren Hanna