Chinese New Year

February 2017 ~ Year of the Fire Rooster

I am writing with a full heart to share the message of 'holding steady' during a period of unsteadiness.  We have just passed through the Chinese New Year and into the Year of the Fire Rooster. The Fire Rooster favors passion, compassion, calmness and confidence.   It is dominated by the elements of fire and metal. When there is too much fire we feel stress, anger and excitement. Too much metal equals anxiety and difficulty letting go of grief.  How brilliant that the Fire Rooster knows just what we need right now to anchor during these turbulent times.

I have found in my life that when things are unsteady and I am confused or discouraged, my most effective solution is to take action.  Not just any action but a well thought out constructive positive healing one.  It is so easy to get overwhelmed with emotions, and to move into a place of fear, anxiety or anger, but the Fire Rooster is encouraging us to be calm and confident.

Here are a few of the things I am doing, beyond my Yoga practice, to help me feel more in control.

• I am creating a local charity event in my community to raise money for Planned Parenthood.

• I have just downloaded the Countable App so I can be more informed about the issues that Congress is voting on, educate myself, express my views and correspond directly with my Congress person.

• I am telling my family and friends that I love them everyday, and I am hugging those I love longer and deeper.

• I am visualizing daily peace and prosperity, equality and justice for all.

I hope these ideas will help you to find your own pathway to steadiness and strength. If you are having trouble connecting to an inner place of inspiration, I suggest you try creating a Dream Vision Board. It is a wonderful exercise to awaken your imagination, process your feelings, create your priorities and plan your dream vision for the future.  It is a very simple, yet healing process. You can follow this link for ideas on how to create your own.

Wishing you all love and peace, Lauren

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